Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate how we’ve helped companies make a positive impact on their business.

A school District in New Jersey


A comprehensive community public school district, serving students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade from New Jersey, United States, and includes 16 elementary schools, two middle schools, and three high school programs is looking to reduce their electricity bill.

The school’s electricity bill was affecting up to 10% of their yearly spending budget. Hence, they don’t have any more funding to expand and build more community initiatives.

Our Solution

In 2012, the school district signed up with Broadway Energy Commodity Fixed Pricing Product. We know that the price of their kWh from their supplier was too high; therefore, we identified and negotiated the correct price. We managed to get the school 20% below the previous supplier rate.


With the new rate, the school saved over $60,000 of the electricity bill in one year. Today, we have helped the school to save over $700,000.

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Organic Food Distribution Company


A service-focused, customer-driven natural and organic food distribution business located in New York City wants to be the greenest, cleanest, and most progressive food service distribution business in the world.

They commit to support organic agriculture and small family farming fully. Hence, every dollar spent on running the business count. The company wants to integrate the company’s mission as the best place to work for with the current culture. They want to fully do their mission, not only on their service to customers and suppliers but also to their corporate office.

Our Solution

Broadway Energy helped the company achieve its mission by setting up with the best Green Energy pricing. We manage to apply energy pricing, that is 8% lower than the suppliers’ offering, which helped their bottom line.


Since 2011, Broadway Energy has helped the company save over $100,000 energy cost using Broadway’s Renewable Energy program. The team now can feel stress-free and focus on producing and delivering the best natural and organic food products.

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