Energy Procurement

Broadway Energy helps organizations find the best rates on energy through our innovative energy procurement process.

Our electric and gas commodity pricing products for commercial and residential.

  • Fixed Pricing Energy Product

    Broadway Energy Fixed Price Energy Product allows you to lock in rates for a period of time (or term), which usually offered in increments of 6 months. If you have a fixed price plan and your supplier announces price rise, your rates will not be affected.

  • Energy-Only Pricing Program

    Energy-Only Pricing Program only looks at 60% to 85% of your total energy component. The other element of pricing such as transmission cost, ancillary service, and capacity cost will follow the market rates. When the energy-only cost rise, then the total energy pricing, which includes all components will rise and vice versa.

  • Block and Index Energy Pricing Program

    This program is beneficial for customer with over 2 MWH annual. Buyers purchase a block of their energy at a fixed price. The remainder of their energy is purchase at 100% to the spot market. Index pricing can be advantageous to the risk tolerant because it allows you to avoid a price premium placed on a fixed price. The buyer will have the advantage of market dips while still retaining the price certainty.

  • Power Plant Direct Pricing

    This program connects buyers to the wholesale cost of Power. Buyers will have direct pricing that is associated with the wholesale price. Broadway Energy will only charge the administration fee to do the paperwork. This model is one of the lowest pricing program available.

  • Index Pricing Program

    The rate on Index Pricing Program or more commonly known as a variable rate will go up and down based on the market. Depending on the market, the reference index may be based on day-ahead or real-time, hourly pricing. If the index increase or decline, your monthly rate will follow accordingly.

  • Reverse Auction Energy Program

    Similar to the name, this program allows suppliers and wholesalers to compete to give the lowest pricing possible. Potential buyers can accept or reject any bid on the spot. The auction will be done live on our Energy Auction Web program.